The ultimate mutt setup

Email, we all have to live with it. And we struggle daily with the horrible clients available to us: gmail web, OSX's Mail.app, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
The frustration of all the quirks and ugly interfaces made me setup mutt. And now I handle my mail with joy.

In this set of pages I will describe how, including links to the configurations.

Time to get our hands dirty! Let's setup this wonderful setup so we can handle mail in a fast and organised way.


So, what kind of setup do I have?

  • A google apps account for my work email (michiel@work)
  • An IMAP account for my personal email (michiel@vanbaak.info)
  • An IMAP account for my own company email (mvanbaak@mvbcoding.nl)
  • Contacts in the default OSX contacts app synced to iCloud
  • All mail is downloaded to my notebook and to my personal server at home to handle mail if my notebook is not available
  • I have seperate workflows for my work and personal email handling. For work I do not store mail in folders. It's either in my INBOX (needs action) or in the Archive (handled)
    For personal and my own company I store mail in folders (subject, mailinglists, clients etc etc)

Now the fun part, let's explain how I did setup all this.



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