Call of the Zombie

And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds
For fear that the devil would chop off their heads


Disable poweroff OpenElec remote

So I got my new Raspberry Pi 3 and installed OpenElec on it.
All working very nice and fast (finally!) and my Harmony one was working out of the box.

One thing that annoyed me: Whenever I switch scene or poweroff my system, the raspberry also powers off.
Which means next time I want to use it, I have to find it and disconnect/connect the usb cable.

But you can disable the poweroff by creating a custom remote keymap.
The file is located in /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml
Put the following in there to disable poweroff:

This makes the power button call NOOP (NO OPeration).


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