A programmer once built a vast database containing all the literature,
facts, figures, and data in the world.
Then he built an advanced querying system that linked that knowledge
together, allowing him to wander through the database at will.
Satisfied and pleased, he sat down before his computer to enjoy the fruits
of his labor.

After three minutes, the programmer had a headache.
After three hours, the programmer felt ill.
After three days, the programmer destroyed his database.

When asked why, he replied:
'That system put the world at my fingertips. I could go anywhere, see
Because I was no longer limited by external conditions,
I had no excuse
for not knowing everything there is to know.
I could neither sleep nor eat. All I could do was wander through the
Now I can rest.'

-- Geoffrey James, The Zen of Programming.


Bye bye digital ocean

This site, and many more things have been hosted on a bunch of VPSes hosted by digital ocean.
We have always been very happy with their services, but it is time to move on.

All things hosted on digital ocean have now been moved to a new FreeBSD machine hosted on a 100mbit fiber connection.
Yes, our home connection.

Backups have been configured to go to the synology NAS (one thing that has always been missing on the VPSes)


CloudFront with AWS CLI

If you want to script AWS cloudfront actions you will notice this is not working.
For some reason, AWS still thinks this part of their API is in preview mode.

To get it to work add the following to your ~/.aws/config file:
cloudfront = true


Hide join/part/quit in Weechat for bitlbee

There are a lot of pages on the internet about how to use hipchat with bitlbee.
Because of this I'm not going to explain that. Do your google foo and find out.

There is one really annoying thing: people tend to fill up your buffers with join/part messages.
Now there are some pages out there that tell you how to fix it with irssi but did not find a weechat tip.

So see here, this is how I did it.

In my case, I added the bitlbee server with
'/server add bitlbee my.bitlbee.server'

Now, to get rid of the join/part messages type:
/filter add joinquitbitlbee irc.bitlbee.* irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *

And no more annoying join/part/quit messages that are very common with all the IM services out there.


Real men have beards!

"One cannot become a true UNIX geek without growing one at least once. Like a monolithic kernel, a UNIX geek’s beard is a commanding obelisk of knowledge, wisdom, and hubris. It is a focal point, a symbol of arcane power."


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